Paintless Dent Repair In Denver – It's Time

Almost 6 months have passed since the massive hailstorm hit Denver in May and the paintless dent repair shops in Denver are still busier than ever. Well, at least we are.

With Halloween here and Thanksgiving right around the corner, you would think the paintless dent repair and auto hail repair business would slow down…especially in Denver.  It is quite the opposite.

When hailstorms, like here in Denver, hit a lot of “Temporary” paintless dent repair companies flock to the area to help out with all of the auto hail damage claims. They come from all over the country and you have probably seen their tents located across the city. Without them, people would still be waiting to get their hail damaged vehicles in to be repaired from that storm.

The Denver hail storm caused over a BILLION dollars in damage and traditional body shops are still backed up with hail damaged vehicles. This is also the time of year where many of these temporary auto hail repair companies pack up and go home or go on to chase the next hail storm. Not us because we are Denver’s Auto Hail Repair experts and our paintless dent repair (PDR) business is located here!

While many paintless dent repair shops in Denver are dialing it back, we are ramping up for the next wave of customers.

There are still tens of thousands of vehicles out there that still have hail damage and need to be repaired. With less paintless dent repair companies to repair these hail damaged vehicles, the lines and wait times for an appointment will grow. There are the ones who decided to put off hail repair until things slowed down. Now, they are starting to make the calls to get their cars in

This year has been very busy for us at The Dent Company. Part of our success has been our staff of highly qualified paintless dent repair technicians who have worked non-stop throughout this hail storm. We have been able to get our customer’s vehicles in and out quickly without making them wait weeks or months while maintaining our high standard of quality work.

While many paintless dent repair shops in Denver are dialing it back, we are ramping up for the next wave of customers. We have the extra staff on hand and always have appointment times available to get your hail damaged vehicle(s) in for repairs.

Our “No deductible” program has proven to be very popular. How it works is simple. Bring your vehicle into our Denver location for auto hail repair and we will waive your deductible. It is really that easy. Traditionally, a deductible is owed to the repair shop once the insurance company cuts the check and the vehicle is repaired. Our paintless dent repair technique is so efficient and effective on auto hail damage that we are able to pass the savings onto you. The insurance company pays us and we waive your deductible. Quick and easy. We’ll even deal with your insurance company, directly.  With Christmas right around the corner (Yes, it is true), we are sure you have better ways to spend the $500 or more that your deductible would have been.

With Denver being no stranger to hail and ice storms, it is important that you do not wait for the next storm to roll through. Now, is the perfect time to get your car in. We have our award-winning staff able and willing to make the process quick and painless. Need a rental car? We have that covered, too!

-The Dent Company (TDC)

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