Don't Wait for the Next Hail Storm to Fix Your Car

The Denver hail storm is a little over a month old now and things are back to normal, for the most part.  It still comes up in conversation, from time to time, because it was of epic proportions as far as hail storms go for this area.  The insurance industry experts are estimating that the hail caused somewhere north of $1.4 BILLION in losses.  This figure includes over 150,000 auto hail damage claims.  It is no joke as you’re probably aware of if you have contacted your insurance company.  Yes, things have been very busy here at The Dent Company (TDC).

Many of you are waiting to repair your car, just in case it hails again.  I strongly warn against this. Damage from two hail storms may total a car that could have withstood one at a time.

Damage from two hail storms may total a car that could have withstood one at a time.

The ones that have actually made claims have seen the long lines at the insurance tents or are still patiently waiting for an adjuster to show up.  The lines at the body shops are long, as well.  Many are booked up until 2018!  Who wants to wait that long to get their car repaired? Besides, if you have already read our post Paintless Dent Repair vs Body Shop for Hail Repair then you already know that going to a conventional body shop for auto hail repair is not really in your vehicle’s best interest.

Auto hail repair is a specialized paintless dent repair (PDR) process that requires highly skilled and talented technicians.  Of course, the PDR technicians do more than just fix all of the little dents in your car, something that traditional auto body shops can’t do with conventional repair methods.  Removing roofs and “Mudding” panels with Bondo is nasty business that will wreck the value of your car, no matter how nice it looks.  It will be instantly noticed when the trade in time comes.

At The Dent Company (TDC), we strive to repair every panel and we only replace the most severely damaged as a last resort.  You only get one factory paint job, don’t trust it to just anyone.  We have openings available right now.  So skip the lines, the waiting and give us a call to schedule an appointment or to find out more about our paintless dent repair process.


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